BASIC (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

BASIC groups are made up of believers learning and growing together.  The acronym stands for Brothers And Sisters In Christ and is open to everyone.  These small groups are designed for Bible study, accountability, fellowship, serving, encouraging and learning from one another.  This Year we will be offering the following three topics of study as well as a Men’s Group.

The Truth Project

  • Getting to the root of some of lifes most critical questions, this study discusses God’s design for living out of the Christian worldview in daily life – What is truth?  What is man’s significance in the light of God’s sovereignty? What is our place in the culture around us?  This group will be meeting on Mondays for 12 weeks.  Call Lyndon & Kathy Buhler for more info or to join at 270-8919 or 239-0078

Experiencing God

  • God is at work around you.  Will you join Him?  This study is about knowing and doing the will of God.  Prepare to be led by the Holy Spirit into a radically God-centered way of life.  We will be meeting on Tuesdays starting November 8th for 12 weeks.  Call Cornie Hamm at 229-3636 or Naomi at 280-9509 for more info or to join.

Growing Kids God’s Way

  • Create a home full of life, sustenance, and beauty.  Parents with preschool-aged children to preteen will benefit from each of the three sections, totaling 17 weeks.
    • Life, Children and Relationships
    • Life, Children and Character
    • Life, Children and Encouragement and Correction
  • For more info or to join call Ryan & Corinne Enns at 239-4363

Men’s Bible Study Group

  • We are meeting to encourage accountability with each other to study scripture and apply it to our lives.  We will begin meeting on Monday, January 9th Lord willing.  If you are interested call Pastor Andy Wiebe at 227-6705 and watch the bulletin for further details




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